North County Business Summit

The North County Business Summit convened Wednesday in the doTERRA conference center. The event’s speakers included a number of visionary business leaders, many of whom have experienced times of feeling foolish and stupid in pursuing their dreams…


Daniel Thomas, regional partner of St. John Properties and developer behind the Valley Grove space on Pleasant Grove Boulevard near the freeway, reminded local business owners that some things in business really do take a lot of time and care. He encouraged members of the three chambers to advocate for the business sector among governing bodies in their local cities, to help these entities understand the vision these entrepreneurs can see.

“It’s not a bad thing to advocate for what’s good for business, and help some of these governing bodies,” he said. “Some of them don’t come from a business background, and having an advisory group, an advocacy group to help with these decisions is invaluable.”

The day was also filled with a few exciting announcements centered around new construction and businesses in the northern part of the county. Click here for article